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The Benefits of Chair Massage

The benefits of massage are many, especially in the realm of mental and physical wellness.

For a company, bringing chair massages to the workplaces can create a relaxing, positive

atmosphere, while improving the level of happiness amongst the staff. Creating a company

culture that encourages massages and other forms of stress relief teaches the employees

that their management team cares about them, which can improve their morale and

loyalty. Studies also reveal that employees who receive frequent massage sessions are

more productive and have a higher job satisfaction rate.

More chair massage benefits to your employees include:

 Reduces stress

 Increase blood flow to tissues

 Loosens stiff, inflexible muscles

 Boost immune system

 Stimulate lymph system

 Improves state of mind

 Heightens awareness/cognizance

 Improves work-related issues, such as poor posture, neck and upper limb disorders

Therapy Professionals mission is to promote a stress-free workplace. The unspoken secret

in the Windy City to achieving a harmonious, happy work atmosphere is the mobile chair

massage. Chair Massage-Chicago by Therapy Professionals can customize every program to suit the needs of each business, whether you want us to come for a corporate meeting or any

type of special event. For best results, we rotate our massage therapists every five

hours and we are available seven days a week. For more information call us at 312-719-0603.

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