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A Healthier Way to Say Thank You With Mobile Chair Massage

More and more, savvy business owners are realizing that gestures of gratitude are a

wise investment of their marketing dollars. It makes sense. You appreciate what you

value. When you thank an employee for a job well done or a customer for their

continued patronage, you are showing them that you care. They will feel special, like

they matter. And who wouldn’t want that?

Chair massage is a great way to take the edge off employee stress during a long project

or to reward employees at the completion of a big assignment. It is also welcomed by

those who go above and beyond what is expected of them, such as a staff member who

puts in extra hours to cover the workload of a colleague who becomes ill.

One of the beautiful things about mobile chair massage is that it can be done anywhere.

Our specially designed professional massage chairs are very sturdy and comfortable,

yet do not take up much space. And since the recipient stays fully clothed, the

massage can be performed in public. Best of all, the benefits of the massage can be felt

within 10 to 20 minutes, which is just about the same amount of time as a coffee break!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to thank your favorite clients with a mobile chair massage.

We can go anywhere throughout the Chicago area and surprise one of your best

customers with a mobile massage as a way to thank them for a lot of business they’ve

given you this year. Mobile Chair Massage Chicago by TherapyProfessionals can even come to a holiday party or any corporate venue to offer services to your guests or employees. We can set up even in a small area.

Take a cue from the Chicago Sox or the Chicago Cubs by surprising your customers

with a chair massage in your Chicago stadium or office. These baseball clubs have hired

our licensed massage therapists to provide a treat to their VIP guests and Gold

members at their baseball events. We have also provided Chicago chair massages at

high schools for Teacher Appreciation Day, at hospitals for nurse week and at the hotels for housekeeping week.

Benefits of receiving a chair massage include a reduction in stress, improved immunity, better

focus and a happier state of mind. What could be a better way to say “Thank You” than

the gift of improved health? At Chair Mobile Chicago by TherapyProfessionals, we

can work with you to create the perfect custom chair massage event.

Call us at 312-719-0603 to discover how we can best meet your needs.

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